Thursday, January 24, 2008

Backing up Accounting data for a CPA

Today I installed ClubBackup for a CPA's office. This gentleman has a very successful practice going. About 10 computers, several employees. And they were still backing up the old fashioned way. By manually taking a CD and either sticking it in a fire safe, or taking the CD home. They were the first to admit that they forget half the time.

I reminded them that the most frequent cause of a disaster in our area is a lightening strike. I can't tell you how many hard drives I've lost due to lightening. Even with high dollar surge suppressers.

Boy were they thrilled to learn about ClubBackup! They completely understood that if they had a fire, or a flood, that they would be in serious trouble.

It took literally 2 minutes to install ClubBackup, check off the folders that they wanted to protect, and we were done. And now they never ever have to worry about backups again. It's done. It's automatic.

Their exact words to me were "Since ClubBackup is so inexpensive, that EVERYONE should be using it. It's like insurance!" They plan on telling all their clients about it.

It sure is neat to be able to help people and see their reactions on their faces when the light bulb turns on over their head. It's a real pleasure to help people.

I hope all of you are having a good week. Take care!

Matt Porter
American Systems &

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