Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ClubBackup 2.0 is out!

Last week we released ClubBackup 2.0. Many of you have requested certain features so we put them at the top of our priority list. Most importantly:

1) Backing up to a local drive. Many of you have a local hard drive or an attached external drive you use for backing up your data. ClubBackup now supports backing up to your local and/or external drive. You choose the folder to backup too and the software does the rest.

2) ClubBackup.com will now backup your drivers and Favorites. This is HUGE when you are restoring your PC. Finding all the drivers for your devices can be a real pain. ClubBackup.com makes it a snap!

3) You can now drill down to the file level, not just folders. There may be a specific file you want to backup, but not everything in that folder. ClubBackup now allows you to do just that.

Keep sending in your suggestions. We want to give you the product you need. The only way we can do that is if we hear from YOU. So don't be shy!

Have a great week!