Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Free Online Backup site is gaining momentum, and Bulldogs

ClubBackup is getting some interesting attention this week. Really much sooner than I imagined it would. We've had some very intriguing proposals come through. I've had to put some things on the back burner while entertaining these ideas. They are THAT good. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. I'll let you know.

The really good news is people are "getting" the idea that having an offsite backup of their files. ClubBackup makes it mindless. Set it up once and you never have to think about it. It's really a beautiful. This site was a year in development. So it's neat to see the fruits of your labor.

Changing the subject, people ask from time to time about what our most popular products are. Easily it's Print Screen Deluxe followed by EZ Macros.

We work very hard to make our software so easy to use you almost forget it's there.
  • So useful that you can't live without it.
  • So simple that you don't have to read any manuals... that you can just look at the screen and see how to use it.
  • We gear our products towards the every day user - not just the super-geeks of the computer world.
We believe that the BIGGEST reason why our products are popular and have been so consistently strong over the years is that our customers give us great feedback.

And we have YOU to thank for it!

We really try very hard to incorporate ideas that you come up with. We want to make our products what YOU need them to be. So you can get the most out of your computer time. So send us your comments please!!!!

Finally, I talked with a customer of ours who shares a personal interest of mine. English Bulldogs - small world!!!! We have female who is very sweet. Great with young kids. If you are contemplating a dog, and you have young kids around I recommend the English Bulldog. They are not an active breed by any stretch of the imagination. But they will make you laugh daily. I promise. Check out his web site: http://www.toadhallbulldogs.com/


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