Friday, February 15, 2008

EZ Macros Testimonial

Arnold from Edmonton, Alberta Canada writes in today to tell us how he uses EZ Macros. I thought I would share it with you. It's a very smart way to use it. And you'll see how much time it saves him.

"I use this program both at work and at home all the time. I work in a call center in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and the EZ Macros program is a wonderful tool for the help desk industry...I made up macros of all the questions thatneed to be asked on the incoming calls. At the beginning of the call I usethe shortcut keys to pull up the macro, let it do its thing, then edit the questions as needed to fit the exact call. GREAT TOOL!! I recommended it to everyone that I meet at work."

Thanks for writing in Arnold!

We would LOVE to hear your story too. And if you say it's ok with you I'll share your story in this blog.

EZ Macros and IE 7

If you use EZ Macros and IE 7 you may have discovered that your first keystroke in your macro vanishes. What do you do about this?


Add a space to the beginning of your macro. This will be the first keystroke that IE "eats" then your macro will play out like it normally does.

Have a great weekend!

Matt Porter
American Systems &

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick Capture question for Print Screen Deluxe

In version 6.3 we introduced the "Quick Capture" button. A button that floats on your screen with the words "Print Screen" on it. When you click that button you trigger the screen capture process. The advantage is that you don't have to even take your hand off the mouse anymore to print your screen. Pretty lazy huh? Life is good!
The question is "My Quick Capture button disappeared and I can't get it back. What do I do? I really miss it."


1) In the Print Screen Deluxe window, click "Options".
2) At the bottom there is a check box called "Show Quick Capture button".
3) Check it and click "OK" .
That should do the trick.
We are building in a wonderful new feature this week. File Encryption.
A CPA customer of ours wrote in explaining why he needed it so bad. He said his firm stores SSN's, bank account numbers and other sensitive info that must be protected. Even from hackers.

So, what we are doing is implementing what's called Encryption. You provide a password that only you know, and we use that to encrypt (hide) the data in your file. The only person that can decode (decrypt) your data is you.

While your data is stored on our site it is encrypted.

What is "encryption?" Basically it's scrambiling your data in such a way that it can only be retrieved using a special passkey (password). Remember the days of cable TV when you would go to a scrambled channel and the picture looked wierd? Then when you ordered that channel the picture would clear up? Same difference.

It's all done by the system. It's nearly impossible to beat this type of encryption. It's the same form of encryption that banks use.

We will go to absolutely every possible length to protect your data. If there is something that you need in, just ask!!!!

Have a good one!
Matt Porter
American Systems &

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Print Screen Deluxe Q & A

We don't get that many tech support questions about Print Screen Deluxe to be quite honest. Especialy when you consider just how many clients we have using it. The single most common question we get about Print Screen Deluxe is something like this:

"Whenever I hit the "PrintScreen" key on my keyboard the program gives me an error. What do I do?"


99% of the time this is a printer driver issue. Determine the make and model of your printer. Then go to the manufacturer's web site and download and install the latest driver.

That really is all there is too it.

Print Screen Deluxe is by far the simplest screen capture tool available. It's cheap, very handy, and you only have to press one key on your keyboard. The program does the rest. Print Screen Deluxe really does bring your "PrintScreen" key to life.

On another note: I am the resident computer geek in my family, and my circle. I get asked questions that I bet many of you have. As these questions come up I'll share them in my blog along with the answers (of course.)

I get everything from hardware problems, to how to take a VHS video, make a DVD or an online video, stuff like that. So look forward to those in the near future.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Matt Porter