Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Print Screen Deluxe Q & A

We don't get that many tech support questions about Print Screen Deluxe to be quite honest. Especialy when you consider just how many clients we have using it. The single most common question we get about Print Screen Deluxe is something like this:

"Whenever I hit the "PrintScreen" key on my keyboard the program gives me an error. What do I do?"


99% of the time this is a printer driver issue. Determine the make and model of your printer. Then go to the manufacturer's web site and download and install the latest driver.

That really is all there is too it.

Print Screen Deluxe is by far the simplest screen capture tool available. It's cheap, very handy, and you only have to press one key on your keyboard. The program does the rest. Print Screen Deluxe really does bring your "PrintScreen" key to life.

On another note: I am the resident computer geek in my family, and my circle. I get asked questions that I bet many of you have. As these questions come up I'll share them in my blog along with the answers (of course.)

I get everything from hardware problems, to how to take a VHS video, make a DVD or an online video, stuff like that. So look forward to those in the near future.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Matt Porter

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