Thursday, January 17, 2008

EZ Macros Q&A

Here's some commonly asked questions about EZ Macros.

1) What do people use EZ Macros for?
2) What is the craziest macro somebody wanted to run?
3) I'm having trouble using EZ Macros in Vista. What do I do?

1) What do people use EZ Macros for?

EZ Macros is one of those programs that you really don't realize how useful it is until you really think about it. Many people use it for simple stuff like typing their email signature, or manipulating spreadsheets.

Large organizations use it for data entry. Many times they have large data entry screens with data they type over and over again. So the simply setup a macro to type all this junk, and have the F11 key do all the work. And 100 times faster than a human ever could. Large companies, governenments, Universities all love EZ Macros.

Believe it or not, some use EZ Macros for playing games. The online roll playing games for example. A normal person who needs to earn a living (in the game) may be a lumberjack, or a fisherman. Using EZ Macros they can catch 10,000 times as many fish in a day, or harvest an entire mountanside of lumber in a day, versus doing it by hand. And in the game become super rich and powerful almost overnight. (This one really blew my mind).

2) What is the craziest macro somebody wanted to run?

Probably the prize winner would have to go to one guy who wanted to write a macro that would

A) Install a program from CD,
B) Reboot the computer
C) Continue running the macro and run the installed software
D) Do some stuff in the software, then,
E) Uninstall the software.

The idea of a macro rebooting the computer and continuing to run really made me laugh. We had to modify the program, but it's in there now for everyone to use. I doubt it's used very much though.

If you think one of your macros is even better than this let me know! I'd like to hear about it. If we like it, I'll post yours here too! Email Me

3) I'm having trouble using EZ Macros in Vista. What do I do?

We have a temporary workaround for those of you using Vista. Turn off the UAC (User Account Control). (See instructions below.)

Microsoft views macro programs as a potiential risk because it takes control of your keyboard and mouse. I sincerely hope none of you would use EZ Macros for evil.

Most companies disable the UAC when the get a installation of Vista. It simply generates too many help desk calls and it's just not worth the time it takes to support it.

Here's how you do it.

A) Click Start...Control Panel
B) Click "Change your Windows Password"
C) Click "Turn User Account Control On or Off"
D) Clear the check box called "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer."
E) Reboot your computer.

After you do this, EZ Macros will work perfectly.

This is a temporary "workaround". We will be fixing this in the next version of EZ Macros.

Thank you for your time folks. Feel free to send me your complicated macros that you've created. I'd love to hear from you. Email Me

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ClubBackup saves the day!

As many of you know we've rececently released a new online service at And as you know we've been in business since 1994. If you have had any conversations with me at all you know that I am an honest man... sometimes to a fault. So believe me when I share this with you.

The morning before we were supposed to release my hard drive crashed. I lost everything. 15 years of Source code, web sites, databases, photos. It was the most sickening feeling. I've invested a lot into ClubBackup and American Systems. And too lose it all like that is just devestating. Makes you sick at your stomach. You wouldn't believe the terrifying things that flashed through my mind.

After I picked my head up off the desk I remembered that I had ClubBackup running on my PC. So I quickly launched my web browser to go see what I had on the site. And THANK GOD everything was backed up. I only lost 1 day's work.

I bought a new hard drive, reinstalled Vista and right away installed ClubBackup too. Then began the massive download from the site.

ClubBackup really saved my fanny. I can tell you folks, ClubBackup works.

Now most of you won't have that much to lose if your hard drive crashes. But if you do lose it, it would truly upset you.

ClubBackup is a free program. The first 1GB of space is free. That's plenty for most people. So do give it a try. It's like having insurance. It could save you a lot of grief. You can download the software here:

Have a good one!