Monday, March 10, 2008

Online Backup Security

I'd like to take a few moments to describe how we handle security and privacy for you on our Online Backup site called

Many people have asked the question: "Is my data safe on" A very valid question and concern for many! It is for me too.

Short Answer: Without question - YES when you use

Long Answer:

We include File Encryption. The same type of encryption that banks and the military use. When you store your files on our server they are encrypted with a password that you provide. This way NOBODY - not even employees of and American Systems can see your files.

Why is this important?

To protect your data from prying eyes. It's just one more layer of protection for you. Some companies need their files encrypted to keep their financial records secret. Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, etc. are now completely scrambled on our servers.

Now you can rest easier knowing that:

A) Your data is backed up and protected on our site
B) NOBODY can peek at your data but you.

The only time your data is not encrypted (scrambled) is on your PC or on your network. Once it's downloaded to your system, it is decrypted (unscrambled). Any time your data is in transit to or from our servers, it is encrypted. And it is stored on our servers encrypted.

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