Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Capturing logos and images on web pages

I spoke with a customer today on the phone who is a medical doctor. He is creating a Power Point presentation and wanted to copy a logo off of a web page, size it and place it into Power Point. So he calls asking how to do this. Here is the answer:

1) In Print Screen Deluxe make sure you have the "What am I capturing?" set to Rectangle.
2) Hit the key on your keyboard.
3) Draw a rectangle around the logo or image you want to copy.
4) The Print Screen Deluxe window will appear (if you have "Auto Popup" enabled) containing your logo that you just captured.
5) Click Resize, and size it for your needs.
6) Click Copy, then go to Power Point and click Paste.

That's it!

Also we received a very nice email from a customer this week. We sent a few emails back and forth solving a problem he had with EZ Macros. He eventually did get his macro to work the way he wanted. But in the process I gave him a refund for his troubles.

Brad P. in Salt Lake City, UT writes:

"It's great to know that there's other people out there who have integrity. Sometimes good integrity is difficult to find these days.It sounds like you have good morals and that you strive to do what's right. "

Thanks Brad! We really do try. I'm a firm believer in the Golden Rule. It's just good business.

Have a great week!

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